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  • How Does The Restoration Process Work?
    Your claim is opened. Once the claim has been processed, we will wait for an inspection date, which will be established by the insurance company. Our inspector will meet with the Insurance inspector to mutually inspect and agree on the damages caused by the storm and the total replacement cost. The insurance inspector will issue a written estimate based on the agreement with our inspector. The total price determined by the Insurance Company, shall become the final contract price. Once your inspection is approved, we will provide with material samples, so that you may choose your color and style or material. Material is ordered and delivered to your home. Our company will be responsible to pull necessary permits, establish a start date for the work, and prepare the work area. Your work will be assigned to a project manager to start the work progress. Any questions that you may have regarding the project can be directed to the manager. As soon as the job is done, we will do a final inspection.
  • How does the payment process work?
    Each insurance company operates differently, but in most cases, they will issue two checks, one to start and the balance upon completion. The following steps should be taken to process the payments and close out your claim. The check will be made payable to the homeowner and our company or the mortgage company. In the event that the check is also made payable to the mortgage company, we have specialized personnel to handle the required paperwork and expedite the process with the bank. Upon completion of all the work and the receipt of the final payment, we will issue the material and labor certificates of warranty.


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