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When We Say 1st Premier

 We Mean Immaculate Service

If your Illinois home or business has suffered the devastating effects of a fire, flood, or any other catastrophic disaster, it’s critical to contact the professionals at 1st Premier Restoration right away.

Our licensed and insured professionals will work closely with you and your insurance provider to restore your property back to normal as quickly as possible.

Roofing & Siding

Whether it’s a repair or a complete tear-off, we provide the talent and team to get the job done quickly and professionally. Over time, sun, snow, hail, and wind will inevitably take a toll on a home or building's exterior.


Turning to 1st Premier Restoration for repair and replacement is a sound defense against the destructive forces of nature. We are experienced in all types of roofing products including wood shakes, clay tiles, slate and architectural laminate shingles, as well as modified bitumen, and more.


We are familiar installing virtually any name-brand product for roofing, siding, windows & more, and can educate you on a variety of energy efficient options. Call or email us today to discuss your repair or remodeling needs.

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Fire Restoration

FIRE CASA AP 1st.jpg

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We realize a fire in your home or business can be emotionally and financially devastating. Whether large or small, any loss due to fire can be overwhelming. Our immediate response team can help provide the kind of dedicated care necessary for extensive fire cleanup, and get your property on the road to recovery.


By working closely with you & your insurance provider, we ensure an exceptional outcome to restoring your home or business back to a pristine state. When it comes to fire and smoke damage repair, no one comes close to 1st Premier Restoration.


If you need immediate emergency or fire-disaster restoration, contact the professionals today to discuss your fire restoration needs.

Hail Damage

Hail can do plenty of damage to property that may not be immediately noticeable to the untrained eye. Hard impacts by these icy projectiles can pulverize roofing shingles, crack or break window glass, and dent aluminum siding and gutters. The damage can easily exceed these impact effects, because hail is often accompanied by high winds and heavy rain. Such additional weather phenomena can cause tree limbs to break loose and result in extensive catastrophic damage to your home or business.

At 1st Premier Restoration, we specialize in a wide variety of disaster restoration services related to storm and hail damage. Give us a call or contact us online to schedule a property evaluation for any of these services.

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Water Damage

Construction Management

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1st Premier Restoration can help out no matter how the water got in. Storm? Broken pipe? Fire hoses? Flood? Whether it's water that got into the basement, or living areas from the roofing, water damage restoration plus fire and flood clean up have been specialties of ours since inception. 


Not only has 1st Premier Restoration perfected water extraction and dry out services, we have also perfected the art of removing the hassle along with it. By working with policyholders and insurance companies alike, we not only get rid of the water quickly, but we also get rid of the anxiety that came with it. Call or email us today to discuss your water damage & flood restoration needs.

Wind Damage

While you can’t exactly ‘see’ wind, it is more than capable of creating catastrophic destruction to residential and commercial properties. In some cases, this damage can be extensive.


Strong winds can cause roofing, siding, and gutters to be ripped apart. This can result in building interiors becoming exposed and rain water seeping in, causing even further damage due to flooding.


Wind damage can also throw dust, debris, and stones at high velocities, potentially shattering windows and glass. What’s worse, wind can tear off tree limbs, and debris can fall on top of, or even through the roof & walls of your home or business, causing even further damage.

1st Premier Restoration takes care of all storm-related damages and catastrophic emergencies. Call us today for your free property estimate and evaluation.

Wind- AP 1st.jpg

mold remediation


Did you know that in an area as small as postage stamps, you will find more than 60 million spores? In order for you to keep your property safe from the mold attack and to ensure that your family’s well being is not compromised you need to hire a professional for cleaning the mold.

With 1st Premier Restoration, you will have a team of professional technicians who will help stem the growth of mold, cleaning the area and sanitizing it, remove the odor caused by the mold and ensure that your place of business or home is restored to its normal state. Call us at 708-653-8490 for expert assistance.

203k Renovation contractors

If you're looking for a qualified and approved 203k contractor in the Chicago area experienced in remodeling and the 203k loan process, 1st Premier Restoration can help. We are certified experts in the FHA 203(k) HUD Renovation and Remodeling Program. This program is HUD’s primary program for the rehabilitation and repair of single family properties. We pride ourselves in listening to your ideas, customizing your property the way you want, paying close attention to detail, and giving you full commitment to completion, all while continuing to keep your overall budget in mind. We even bring in a professional cleaning service to add the finishing touches. Contact us today to discuss your 203k and home remodeling needs.

Insulation Installation


Each property is different, and each attic is different. Whether you are looking for insulation that can fit in tight spaces, prevent mold growth or lower your utility bills, we have an insulation option that will be perfect for you

Work with the professionals at 1st Premier Restoration on your insulation project. Contact us today for more information.

crawlspace &

High humidity in the crawl space can lead to mold problems, pest infestations, and structural damage, and make allergy symptoms worse for you and your family. We can help design a customized system to keep your crawl space dry. 


Work with the professionals at 1st Premier Restoration on your crawlspace project. Contact us today for more information.

Crawl Space Encapsulation.jpg
Movers Carrying Packages

content packout/pack-in

At 1st Premier Restoration, we understand that your personal property isn’t just “stuff.” Each item holds precious memories and sentiments that we are dedicated to protecting.


This is why all of our specialists are thoroughly trained in the proper and latest packing techniques. You will find them using a wide variety of specialized packing materials, customized to fit your individual inventory needs. All of your personal content will be stored in one of our partner control climate-controlled facilities.

Contact us today for any of your packout and storage needs.

emergency tarping

Natural disasters such as floods, storms, and fires have the ability to cause serious structural damage that can leave a building exposed and unstable. Homes and buildings in this state may face additional damage from outside elements like rain and wind, animals, and even vandals.  If severe structural damage is not quickly stabilized, there is also a chance that the building could collapse.


Work with the professionals at 1st Premier Restoration to help keep your home or building temporarily protected until it can be properly rebuilt. Contact us today for more information.

Emergency Tarping.jpg
Image by Sophie Louisnard

ice damming

Your roof is leaking because there’s an ice dam on your roof. Instead of enjoying quality time with your family, you end up pacing around the bucket – the bucket that your ceiling is filling up with water, drop by drop. Roofs are supposed to keep water off your head.  Yours isn’t doing that today.


Work with the professionals at 1st Premier Restoration to help stop the leaks & keep your home protected during an event like this. Contact us today for more information.

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